Rods & Cones Eyecare
Unit 4, Ashleigh Centre,
Dublin 15,

Tel:  (01) 8211612



Opening Hours:

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 10 to 6
Wednesday - 10 to 6
Thursday - 10 to 8 (Late Night)
Friday - 10 to 6
Saturday - 10 to 6
Sunday - Closed

We do not close for lunch.
Out of hours appointments available upon request.


Home Eyecare / Domicilliary Visits

We are pleased to offer sight testing at home for patients who are unable to travel , or for patients who simply want the convenience of a quality eye exam in familiar surroundings.

Our Home Eyecare / Domicillary Visits normally involve two appointments.

1. Sight Testing & Dispensing Appointment:

Our optician will travel to your home and perform a comprehensive eye exam as if you were in the testing room in our practice in Castleknock.

After we have discussed the findings of the exam , we will tell you if a prescription update is recommended.

Should you need to update your prescription you always have the option of reusing your existing frame.

However, if you would like to update your frame , we  carry a large selection of frames for you to choose from. We will discuss frame shape, colour and fit, and guide you through the various lens designs and treatment options.

2. Fitting Appointment:

Once the lenses have been manufactured and the frame glazed to your prescription, we will check it in our laboratory for accuracy. At this point we will call you to schedule a fitting appointment in your home to ensure comfort and optimal visual performance of the glasses.


There are three ways of availing of a Home Eyecare Visit :

1. As a Private Patient € 100

This fee covers both the initial Sight Testing & Dispensing Appontment and
the follow up Fitting Appointment.


2. As a Medical Card Patient                         € 60

Call ahead to the practice for the appropriate Optical Benefit Medical Card
Application form. Once approved by your Local Health Authority , an
appointment can be arranged. The HSE will cover the cost of your eye exam ,
and there is an additional charge of Euro 60 to cover travel.


3. As a Medical Card Patient with GP Letter            FREE

If a patient requires a sight test and is:

  • unable to travel due to health / mobility issues
  • and is in possession of a valid Medical Card 
  • and has with a valid GP Letter confirming the need for such a visit

they may be entitled to a Home Eyecare Visit completely FREE of charge.

Feel free to call or e mail the practice should you have any additional questions