Rods & Cones Eyecare
Unit 4, Ashleigh Centre,
Dublin 15,

Tel:  (01) 8211612



Opening Hours:

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 10 to 6
Wednesday - 10 to 6
Thursday - 10 to 8 (Late Night)
Friday - 10 to 6
Saturday - 10 to 6
Sunday - Closed

We do not close for lunch.
Out of hours appointments available upon request.


About Our Exams

service_1_big.jpgAt Rods & Cones we put the emphasis on your eyecare.We are a professional fee based practice which means we charge a fair price for our time. This ensures a clinically thorough exam and that any questions are answered to your satisfaction in a relaxed environment.

 We don’t offer free or even half price eye exams. Our eye exams start from 35 for up to a 45 minute consultation. This is more than twice the time allotted for exams in larger multiples.

This type of eyecare, where more time is spent with patients, is beneficial to anyone who is concerned or simply proactive about their ocular health and the acuracy or their prescription. Children , elderly and disabled patients , or individuals with complex prescriptions or ouclar health issues particulary benefit as very often they require more time for a comprehensive exam, but don’t often receive it elsewhere.

At Rods & Cones you can be assured of a professional eye exam performed by a qualified Ophthalmic Optician in a relaxed consulting roomt using only the most up to date clinical equipment.