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Out of hours appointments available upon request.


Contact Lens Aftercares

Contact Lens Aftercare Up to 30 Mins Consultation: € 65
Discount off first supply of contact lenses: -€ 30
Actual Cost: € 35

  • This appointment is for EXISTING contact lens wearers
  • Wear your lenses to the appointment. *

This is often over looked with many patients arriving to their appointment
not wearing their contact lenses.

Ideally the lenses should be worn for a minimum of 3 hours prior to the appointment. This is called the settling time and is essential to accurately check the fit , movement and visual performance of your lenses.

*If you experience discomfort, irritation, redness, discharge or if you suspect infection;


Leave your lenses out , and take them to your appointment.

  • Take your glasses with you.

It is likely that fluorescein staining will be carried out during your appointment. This orange dye will remain in your tears film for up to an hour or so. If you insert a contact lens before the fluorescein has drained from your lacrimal system it will stain and absorb into your lens. This is not desirable if you wear two weekly or monthly lenses.

  • Take your contact lens prescription or lens boxes / blister packaging with you.

If you are new patient to the practice – but an existing contact lens wearer, we will need to know exactly what lenses you are wearing in order to check them. Information on the diameter, base curve , and power of the lens is essential.

Please bring your most recent contact lens prescription or the packaging / blister packs with you to your appointment.


  • You may need an Eye Exam .

If you have not had an Eye Exam with in the previous 18 months we will need to perform this exam also.

Changes to your spectacle prescription will impact the power requirement for contact lens wear. It is important to have an up to date spectacle prescription to help determine the most accurate contact lens prescription for you. In addition, it is important to maintain  the overall health of your eyes before embarking on further contact lens wear .


Includes :    
•    Take your glasses with you.
History & Symptoms :
Over Refraction :
Assuming the expectations of the patient has been met regarding:
Refit :