Rods & Cones Eyecare
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Dublin 15,

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Opening Hours:

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 10 to 6
Wednesday - 10 to 6
Thursday - 10 to 8 (Late Night)
Friday - 10 to 6
Saturday - 10 to 6
Sunday - Closed

We do not close for lunch.
Out of hours appointments available upon request.


Contact Lens Assessments

Up to 4 Appointments: 65

  • This appointment is for patients who are NEW to contact lenses.
  • You may need an Eye Exam .

    If you have not had an Eye Exam with in the previous 18 months we will need to perform this exam also.

    In addition to the importance of ensuring the overall health of your eyes before embarking on contact lens wear , because the initial contact lens trial selection is based on the spectacle prescription – if this prescription is not current , basing initial contact lenses selection on an out of date prescription will affect the comfort and accuracy of the you will be trialing.


  • FREE Trial Contact Lenses & No Obligation to Purchase

    Some patients are concerned about their suitability for contact lenses. We will assess your suitability and give you FREE trials on lenses that best suit your budget and lifestyle without compromising your corneal health.

    At the final fitting appointment your contact lens prescription will have been determined. At that stage you can decide if contact lenses are for you or not. There is no obligation to purchase any lenses. 


  • Will I have problems inserting & removing my contact lenses ??

    Teaching patients contact lens handling ( inserting and removing their lenses ) is all covered as part of your fee. For most patients they can master successful and efficient lens handling within one appointment ( often on the same day so they can leave with a selection of trial lenses )

    Some patients are nervous or have a phobia about  touching their eyes , and others have a very strong blink reflex that can affect confidence and hinder handling.

    If you are genuinely motivated to become a contact lens wearer , over a series of small 5-10 minute appointments we can teach you simple exercises and methods to overcome these obstacles – which are often psychological and can be broken down over time.

    If you have the time to attend the practice for these ‘mini  appointments’ – we have the time to give you.



Appointment 1 : Determining Initial Trial Selection (Up to 40 Mins)
Appointment 2 : Contact Lens Handling Teach ( Up to 20 Mins)
Appointment 3 : Final Fit (15 to 30 Mins)
Appointment 4 : Follow Up Appointment (15 to 30 Mins)