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VDU Reports

Up to a 45 Minute Consultation: 35

VDU use can take its toll on your eyes. If you spend a lot of your working day on a VDU, it is likely that you are eligible for a free VDU eye test on a regular basis.

In Chapter 5 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 there are specific obligations on the part of the employer under Display Screen Equipment Requirements.

In summary ‘every employee who habitually uses a VDU as a significant part of normal work has a right to opt for an appropriate eye test and an eyesight test which must be made available and paid for by the employer, except where there may be a social welfare entitlement.’

In addition ‘the employer must inform employees that they are entitled to be provided with an appropriate eye and eyesight test, which would be carried out by a competent person ‘

Also, ‘Where eye tests carried out by the doctor or optometrist reveal that particular lenses are required for VDU work, the costs of minimum requirement frames and lenses must be borne by the employer’

If these circumstances are relevant to you , get in contact with you HR Department or discuss it directly with you employer to see what eyecare plans are in place for you as an employee.

We provide a full and comprehensive VDU Screening and issue patients with a full report after the exam.